OnePharma CLM

Content Management

  •  Centralize your content and marketing communications accessible anywhere, anytime
  •  It is easier to manage your content and marketing materials aligned with your customer segmentation
  •  One customer one message, Sales Reps can show the right message to the target customer

Multi Cross channel

  •  Redesign your communication strategy through a Multi Cross Channel integration solution
  •  Seamless email integration, remote call management and self service eDetailing over CLM portal while tracking all interactions no matter what the channel is
  •  Never have been more easier to share the same messages across channels in a simple, effective and measurable way

Tracking and Analyses

  •  Track customer interactions and Sales Force activity in a real time fashion. Information is accessible anywhere through cloud based analytics
  •  Customized dashboards to explore KPIs and all the data gathered (product details, page views, page time, page sequences, etc...)
  •  Understand customer needs and behaviors and shape your message for the next customer interaction