OnePharma CLM

OnePharma CLM FactSheet

  1.  Online/Offline safe synchronization system.
  2.  Surveys, Quizz and Forms.
  3.  Improved content support for all popular content types.
  4.  Agency interface and digital integration tools.
  5.  Improve call planning.
  6.  Out-of-the box Navigation bar, Decision trees and Thumbnails quick access.
  7.  Business Intelligence tools and Advanced Analytics.
  8.  Dashboards with detailed KPIs to monitor and support the evolution of your communication.
  9.  Native Enhanced Call activity– Contact Pre Call and Post Call reporting.
  10.   Access tools designed to support the call.
  11.  Setup Installation and Content Sync "Over-the-air" an in "Real time" mode.
  12.  Full integration with IPad services: SIRI, GPS, Maps, Camera, etc.
  13.  CRM integration (, Siebel, Veeva, Dynamics, Cegedim, etc).
  14.  Secure and approved content sharing though email services.
  15.  Remote call and Videoconference.
  16.  NEW: Pharmacy Order management.
  17.  NEW: Social Media Component


Changes facing the Pharmaceutical Industry are evident today. In response, the Pharmaceutical Industry have to adapt quickly to the new context.

We have developed a solution to enhance the efficiency of communication through a Closed Loop Marketing platform: OnePharma CLM.

Through the platform, your sales team can present, in contact with the stakeholders, all information about your products, as well as an interactive digital aids.

With OnePharma CLM you can accommodate your Interactive Digital Detailing and communication campaigns making it compatible with the new technology of the market (HTML 5.0, Flash, Java, CCS3, etc)