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Innovate your communication!

Stakeholders are increasingly selective in their dealings and willingness to interact, clearly demonstrating that they are not willing to invest time in contacts with no added value.

According to a market research 4 major reasons for reduction of Stakeholders access are:

1 International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing; Michel, Rod; Ashill, Nicholas J; Carruthers, Janet Pharmaceutical marketing return-on-investment: a European perspective, pp174 - 189


OnePharma Closed-Loop Marketing is not that different from the Telemetry done in the Formula 1. The Sales Reps are the drivers directed by the Marketing Manager who uses all the data gathered and feedback collected in a constructive and interactive way. A giant step towards an effective communication process"
OnePharma CLM is a "highly precise tool", increasing the promotional efficiency along the discovery of all the infinite potential. At Jaba Recordati we started a pilot team and after one year we did not hesitate to expand to the whole sales and marketing team"

I got a personalized presentation as well as an interactive two way conversation about therapeutic benefits, recent studies and clinical cases showing the advantages for my patients"